St. Croix River in the Summer

in nature •  last year 

The St. Croix River borders the Minnesota and Wisconsin border. This is one of the most picturesque rivers in the country (the Columbia River in Oregon/Washington is nice as well). What makes the St. Croix special is the waters are mostly protected by the State Park which is great for recreation and wildlife.

The water was up this particular summer from all the rain and snowmelt from the previous spring. This made the St. Croix River particularly active. You can see in the photo the powerful current pushing the water forward.

This spring, our heavy snowfall over the past river will undoubtedly create some flooding, unfortunately. This will be the case in many areas up north. On the St. Croix, fortunately, most houses sit up high on steep banks.

Enjoy the photo.

St Croix River in.JPG

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