First Posting , Small flowers

in #nature4 years ago

Nice meet you Steemians !

This is my first posting in Steemit

I took the photos in the Greenhouse.

It is a small step, but I hope this step bigger trace.

Thank you.

It was not easy for me.


Hi and welcome to steemit @ photoholic. Nothing is ever easy but not to panic because over time you will settle in and then that is when things will get a lot easier for you. Take care @racykacy

Thank you so much

You are welcome

Welcome to the club :) :)

Thank you for your welcome

Great photography, if you need any help with steemit, just ask :)

Thank you so much

welcome to the arena stay blessed

Hi there i am simply awed by your simple single post and yet it has gained much votes and earning. Please share your methods.

What do you mean ?

Welcome to the community where you can find a lot of beautiful and creative people like you. I hope you enjoy your stay here. May Steemit bring out more of your talent like the photos you did. See you around. :)

Thank you so much

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The second one is a bit too dark but pretty still.

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