Amazing Skies in Aceh, Sumatra #1

in nature •  last year

A view of the sky in this afternoon is very awesome, wonderful and etc. I cannot described it with words. Not only Me, a few people who were in the areas of Ulee Lheu got amazed too when see it.

I will share the beauty with all of you and I wish this pictures makes your heart and your feelings are becoming a little bit happy.

Please enjoy the show, hehe.







All the pictures I Take with Smartphone Xiomi Mi4i
Thank You


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Very pretty! Thank you for sharing


My pleasure @breshepard
Thank You

Well, the ones I liked best were Picture #2, 3, 4.

I can recall driving real fast one time, in order to "catch the sunset" - my photographer friend & I wanted to get some vivid images of the SANTA CRUZ Sunset one time.

Was a WILD ride !

(think I'll follow yr #art ) - keep up the good work.


I wish you both make a great work and share to use when it done :D
Thank you for visited :)

If it is a spectacular view, the sky and its amazing colors!


Thank you, I'd always love when I see a great moment like this.


Of course! its beautiful

photos are amazing..


Thank you @danzy
It just a few.



Thank you @maestroq :)

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