A little insight the biggest species of Tiger along with the threat of extinction of its species.

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Without healthy wildlife we can't live in this world. But due to some hedonic lifestyle adaptations, we don't really care about our wildlife and constanly creating this world unsafe for us to reside. several species is on the way of extinction one of them is Bengal Tiger. Don't you think that we should take care of this species to save our wildlife, so that, we can live peacefully and joyfully with our healthy wildlife. Here today,I will write about some facts of Bengal Tiger like its population, Habitat and various facts related to it. Let's begin now. When we think of Tiger then what type of picture is come into our mind ? yes, definitely; the angry and hungry one, ready to kill anyone who comes in front of the tiger. This is true because tigers are powerful and feared by all because they are deadly.

When we talk of Bengal Tiger, they fall into the category of biggest tiger.
The Bengal Tiger. It is the National animal of India and Bangladesh. It is found primarily in India with smaller populations in Bangladesh and some states of Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and China. This is the only tiger in this world that reside in mangrove forest. Sundarban mangroves of both Bangladesh and India is the only mangroves in the world where the Bengal tiger is found.

Current Polulation Of Bengal Tiger

Currently there there are about 2500 species of Bengal tiger present in the wild. It is in the list of endangered species.

Bengal tigers are white with black stripes or sometimes completely white.
Have a look at the both colours of Bengal Tigers.It is said that in 1846 there was present some population of Black Bengal Tiger.

Threats to Bengal
poaching is the main threat that they have been facing from long time. Their body parts are traded in black markets due to high demands. Many countries tribal people use them as ingredients in their traditional medicines. Along with poaching, tigers numbers are decreasing due to deforestation and various human activities.

Interesting Facts
1)No tiger has the same pattern of stripes in their body.
2)In one night Bengal Tiger can eat 60-70 pounds of meat.

3)They love to spend a lot of time in water, so they have a tendency to chase their prey into water and kill there.

4)Most of the time they love to stay alone but sometimes they are seen with another tiger during mating time

5)There sometimes we see white Bengal tigers.white Bengal tigers are born when the parents have same gene. In the span of 100 years only 10 to 12 White coloured Bengal tigers have been found in the wild.

6)Bitter fact about the white Bengal tiger is that most of them are born in captivity through inbreeding, often leading to cubs born with genetic problems like cleft palates, cross eyes mental impairment etc.
from the above we can say that Bengal tiger is a unique species in the wild.But they are extremely facing various threats and seek our help.It is said that if effective counter measues will not taken, they gonna be extint in 10 years.
Considering the severity of the situation, it is our duty and responsibility to help save the tiger.

An ecosystem will remain in its healthy state if all the species are balanced in numbers. Extinction of one will directly impacts the others, including the human being.

Hope you liked it. Thanks for reading

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