How to Make Your Own DIY Mosquito Repellent Oil/Crème That Actually Works!

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The climate change involves their misery. Because weather conditions change dramatically, nature changes too. And that has many consequences, small and big. Many populations in nature disappear or change. We also have suffered from insect pests in the summer months. Thanks to the soft winters, many natural biological processes have been confused and gone out of balance completely. This leads to mosquito and wasps-teasing. That's what I personally had to deal with for the first time last year. This year the experts (yes, there are mosquito experts!) are promising again a true mosquito plague. I am pleased that, due to the misery last year, I have been better prepared and, in time, I bought myself a mosquito tent for around my bed.
As long as they have not arrived in military numbers in my bedroom, I'll keep it on my homemade DIY mosquito oil / crème. This a well-functioning solution. More about that later. First of all, I want to tell you more about DEET. This is a tool which is widely used in anti-mosquito sprays and lotions, ointments and sticks. What exactly is it and why is it not wise to use this (a lot)?

Deet or "diethyltoluamide". is the most common substance that reppels mosquitoes because it confuses the "smelling" sensors of the mosquitoes. That's why they do not smell you anymore and you don't get stung all the time or at least not so much.. This product has been used for decades and is still the most effective insect repellent which has a few side effects. It is for sale as gel, spray or lotion. The law states that a pesticide is allowed if it does not cause unacceptable harm to mankind and the environment if the pesticide is known and has been approved, it will receive an approval number, which must be stated on the packaging. But like I mentioned before there are some side-effects with the use of DEET such as neurological complaints, and if the stuff is being used too vigorously in a sealed, unventilated space. Then people can get a headache or suffer from amnesia. There are also complaints about DEET and skin rash, but it only occurs with people who are hypersensitive to DEET, or even to the lubricant with which that substance is created.

Either way, I prefer to stay far away from chemical misery, certainly on my skin that is already sensitive. Therefore, I also choose natural remedies, although they do not have such a long effect. The problem with homeopathic anti mosquito spray is that it works very briefly. They contain some insect repellent effects, but the effect decreases so fast that the mosquitoes find us again in no time. Since my discovery, I have used eucalyptus oil every day on my pillow before I go to sleep. This keeps the mosquitoes away for the first few hours. I did alot of research on this matter and I came up with an oil / crème, that possibly could extend the hours before the effects decreases again . With me, it has helped alot so far! I lubricate myself every 7 or 8 hours and it keeps the mosquitoes at a distance. Now I have to wait for a whole army of mosquitoes in my bedroom again to see if it really works this great as I think so far, but for now I am already very happy that it works against the few mosquitoes that are flying in my home right now.

Basically you will need this

200 grams of coconut fat / oil, at room temperature
10 drops of lavender oil
10 drops of eucalyptus oil
5 drops of citronella oil
5 drops of tea tree oil

NOTE: This recipe gives a large amount of oil / crème. Do not use any tools that you use in your kitchen every day (pots, bowls) in terms of hygiene and quality of the oils. I always use separate materials that I use only for recipes for external care. Always store them hygienically.

How To Prepare Your Natural Mosquito Repellent Oil / Crème

Mix all the ingredients with the coconut fat or oil and Let the substance melt above a pan of boiling water. If the coconut oil is completely melted, add the oil one by one and be sure you stir well. Pour the oil through a funnel into a clean glass or jar and let it cool off well. Depending on the outside temperatures, the oil will lightly solidify or remain oil. Store the oil in a cool, dark place. In each case use the oil by stirring and apply thinly to the skin. Beware of sensitive parts and areas such as the eyes, lips and spots where the skin is thinner. Always try out on a very small amount of skin. Spread a small layer and leave for a few hours. Check out after three or four hours if no results have occurred. If you see redness, rash or you experience a itchy and / or burning sensation, do not use the oil / crème. You may be hypersensitive to certain oils. Also be carefull with the use of citronella oil in the sun.

What do you use to avoid unwanted bugs in your house? If you have any ideas about alternative ways to fight against mosquitoes or if you have any suggestions to improve my recipe feel free to enlighten me in the comment section.


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This is a great and natural way of getting those pesky buggers away... much better than those store-bought solutions with horrible chemicals! Thanks for the post...
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That's a great post. We are going to China in a couple of days and really need some mosquito repellent. I let you know if it worked out:)
Keep posting :) Please follow if you like.


I wish you all the best on your journey to China! And ofcourse no mosquito bites.. I'm looking forward to hear your experience, goodluck! ;)

Thank you, I am one of the lucky ones who don't suffer that much from mosquito bites, I live i Cancún by the jungle which is a tropical climate but my wife does get very mad about them. So I appreciate this recipe very much.


You are lucky indeed be glad! ^^ And I feel so sorry for your wife.. Because I know the feeling about being chased by those little creatures, they get me mad also! :p I hope this post can help you and especially your wife with mosquitos in the future. ;)

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Been using eucalyptus oil for quite sometime @pandapoef~ Works just fine
Thanks for the post :)


You are welcome! I'm glad to hear i'm not alone in this! ^^

Thanks for sharing. My son really swells up when he gets bitten and he attracts all mosquitoes around.... I will definitely try this out.


I wish your son all the best! I don't swell up that much but I sure do attract mosquitoes myself, and it's annoying! I hope this will help your son a bit, goodluck!

Thank you for posting. I always prefer the "natural"over the chemical stuff


Your are welcome @lizzyb I also try to avoid as many chemical products I can, however sometimes it's hard but i'm learning new things each day so I'll do what I can to avoid them. ^^


Same here 😊

Really interesting article . Thank you for sharing! :)


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. Hopefully the mosquitos stay far away from you!😄

great .would surely be using one of these,i live in nigeria and mosquito is an unevictable neigbhour there

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like it and voted

Wow, you really had a great mind and you write perfectly well. Glad I've found you in chat room today. Thank you for this post, I prefer organic stuff. Upvoted & reesteemed!


Thank you for your nice comment! I'm glad I've met you 2 ! I'm looking forward to see some posts of your beautiful country and yourself ofcourse! Steem on ;)

I shall try the simple DIY mosquitoes repellent recipe. Thanks for sharing. May God bless you.

God bless you for this post! I have very sensitive skin & mosquitoes love me. 😀 I swell up and the bite areas leave scars on my skin. I dislike the mosquito sprays because they give me side effects & they are too greasy. Organic coconut oil is wonderful and I use it in cooking and for health/hygiene/beauty reasons.
Again, many thanks and best wishes to you & all the fellow Steemians! God bless.

I think this probably changes my life @pandapoef .

I started getting allergic reactions because I experienced such an extreme attack of mosquito bites that something went wrong in my system. And it was during filming! Try to film with a camera when your entire body is itching. You will produce a very shaky image.

I will certrainly try this. I still want to go to the Amazon Forest - I need magic to happen against these crazy mosquitos!!!


Following you and Upvoted