The river cut through Plaquemines Parish's east bank in 1973. Now, those crevasses build land.

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On the opposite bank, the marshes of Barataria Bay have continued to degrade, converting to open water. Since 1932, the Barataria Basin has lost more than 430 square miles of land.

Interesting article about the benefits of fresh water diversions along the Mississippi River and how they can save the quickly disappearing wetlands of South Louisiana. At this point I really don't think any neutral party can come to any other conclusion than that fresh water diversions help restore the wetlands, after all the sediment from the Mississippi River is what built all of South Louisiana. It's a shame that people can't come together to save the wetlands, but like most things now a days, it's all about peoples own special interest. Environmentalist need to do a better job of bringing this to the attention of the people, I'm trying one post at a time.....

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Special interest are the death of some many good projects, sad

At least there will be a couple spots where the River runs free that will be left, maybe that's something

We can do so much better.....

Watch when the commercial fishing suffers because it's too salty, they will all change their tune, lol

No doubt about that, it's all about money in the pocket