Louisiana coastal restoration curbed by too little sediment; these states have too much

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About 5 million tons of sediment flows into the reservoir behind the dam each year. That’s enough material to fill the Mercedes-Benz Superdome to the rafters. Pour that much sediment across the Louisiana coast, as the state did during the restoration of Scofield Island in 2013, and it would create more than a square mile of new land.

Interesting article about the effects that man has on the environment especially coastal restoration efforts in South Louisiana. It's a huge problem for the Louisiana, all that sediment that once flowed into the Mississippi River and built the Louisiana marsh now is a problem for the northern areas with dams. And to compound the problem Louisiana leveed up the River so that the sediment in teh water can't get to the marsh and swamps anyway. Coastal restoration is tough when the handcuffs are on. Fresh water diversions are a good start but there needs to be lots more of them.....

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I read that there's a big move to take down dams all over the country, return thing to the way it was....

There is, and hopefully that will increase, but most of the big dams probably aren't coming down anytime soon.