Hurricane Ida makes Top 10 for costliest storms in U.S. history

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Causing damage estimated so far at $75 billion, Ida, which struck Louisiana on Aug. 29, ranks just below Hurricane Sandy of 2012 and just above Hurricane Irma of 2017.

Interesting article about the costliest storm in US history, and the price tag to date. I don't think any of these storms are adjusted for inflation, so that should be factored in, but the price tags are huge. And with the rising price of everything these days those numbers are going to keep growing and growing. And another thing is that a lot of things aren't getting repaired anymore, we live in a disposable society, sad, but true....

Read the full story here...


I wonder if it's better to pay those people to move out of harms way...?

The insurance companies might want to think about that...

It does seem that Louisiana gets hit by a lot of storms

A lot of area to hit

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