How far does trash travel down the Mississippi? Scientists put GPS in plastic bottles to find out

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A recent study found that a small piece of plastic was enough to kill a 38-foot whale that washed up near the Florida Everglades in 2019. Scientists found the plastic had sliced through its insides, causing internal bleeding and ultimately a painful death.

Interesting article about the journey of trash down the Mississippi River and what the effects of it are. I've seen the trash in the River firsthand and it's terrible. I get that trash gets away from people when storms, etc blow it around which is no excuse because you should secure your trash, but I get that. What I don't get is when people litter, I'll never understand how someone can knowingly through trash on the ground or in a river. Anyway this seems like a good project that help people see the far reaches of their trash, I'll be following the results.

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I hope they plan on collecting those plastic monitors back, lol, that's all we ned it more trash in the Gulf.