A walk around your neighborhood challenge

in nature •  7 months ago

I was walking around my neighborhood today cuz it was a beautiful summer day. although it's spring, it felt like summer so we'll just go with that. lol nonetheless it made me think how beautiful everything is in spring and summer and just in general there's so much Beauty. so much nature just around your neighborhood. Even though I live in a very busy city of New York there is still Beauty in everything . We still have nature around us even though we're surrounded by a Concrete Jungle.

So I challenge all of you to take a stroll around your neighborhood and take a few snaps of the most beautiful things that lure to your eyes such as flowers, nature, sculptures, paintings, graffiti, animals. There are so many things that can be beautiful to a person. Like they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. happy snapping! Do share your post below.

all caught with my S7edge
here are some of my catches around my nieghbhorhood.!20180501_151813.jpg

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