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RE: Birds and the Musa paradísiaca

in #nature3 years ago

You have a banana farm? I love to eat different type of bananas especially fried banana but i didn't know what the name specifically, I just call it banana :p In tropical country, it do grow a lot of bananas. You have a good photography skill. The color of the photo look nicely and you have took it in a right angle. You must have a lot of patience in oder to catch the Woodpecker.


Thank you very much. We have a farm in Colombia. Andean tropical area where we grow coffee, bananas, timber trees, fruit trees, ornamental trees and medicinal plants. There we observe the different interactions. :)

wow coffee.. The coffee is for your own consumption? My father used to have land with timber trees as well but next to it, he like to plant papaya, banana and cocoa. But not Coffee. Now already sold off due to no time to maintain.

Yes, we consume our coffee friendly with the planet and with our health. ;)

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