Bangladesh took some new pictures of nature... 2018

in nature •  6 months ago

Friends are good today I will show some new pictures of you with pictures. I took pictures of my uncle's father's wedding and took pictures of some of the environmental nature of the pictures.

When I picked up the pictures, the nature was very good and it looked amazing to upload the picture plus step by step, upload one by one, if you are very good then tell the comment.


The works that are seen in the pictures of friends are Amir's work and the tasks below are a small mango garden.


In the above picture, you see the water, we call it Nala, the water of the Nala comes from the Padma river of Bangladesh, which we say in Bangla.


There is a lot of depth in the name of this name. There are 3 people who can see the green color on the water. We actually eat it in Bangla. Drink plenty of water. They are okay so you can not see the water.


Seeing it in the next picture, it is the house that you see in front of our village street, we have come to visit our relatives home and we are happy to see if the picture is taken if the pictures are good, then you will definitely like to comment and share.

Thank you so much for seeing and reading my post Thank You...!!!

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Such a beautiful orchard of trees hehe. I would love to run around and play in that!

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Nice review good photographer bast of luck...