Float & Fish Our Local River (Video Journey)

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We live in a pretty special place. With some of the highest concentration of springs in North America, the Ozarks of Southern Missouri have some awesome waterways!

We recently got a canoe and went out on one of our local rivers for a day long float & fish. While we won’t dwell on who caught more fish (cough cough Wren), we both had a great time.

We saw wild elders sprinkling the shoreline and stopped to collect some flower heads for tea this time (thanks for the tips in our previous posts y’all!).

We only saw 1 person the entire time.. it’s a pretty unknown waterway and we did it during a weekday. So. (!)

We’re actually going floating today with some friends! Hope you enjoy the vid as much as we enjoyed the day. A little slice of the Ozark pie.

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Ahhhhhhhhwesome 🎶🎵 have fun!! You do live in a very special place indeed!! Si glad you can share it on the blockchain with us! Happy Solstice!! Enjoy your time in the outdoors on water with friends! Hugs from the prairies in Canada! Near the Rocky Mountains.

:D aw thanks @yogajill!! thankful for your kindness and enthusiasm! happy solstice to you too!! did you celebrate it in any way? Hugs to you too from your beautiful neck of the woods! i think we had a record number of floaters on the river yesterday, maybe 50 people in our float caravan!!

Oh the image that is conjured up in my mind is awesome! So many smiles, and voluminous laughter! Were you able to enjoy the champagne for the celebration too?!! I was able to attend a beautiful Solstice Ceremony! It was awesome. So much laughter and songs. 🌅🦋

Awww great to hear it!! The elder champagne isn’t quite ready yet!

This is an interesting story!

That sounds like you guys had a wonderful time! The Ozark rivers are like aquariums.

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haha for sure! sometimes it feels like we live in a jungle :) so much biodiversity for sure. thanks @ghscollective <3

It sure feels like a jungle. So humid.

Beautiful river and looks like a beautiful time.

yes, it's a fantastic river. we love floating and fishing it :)

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