Winter Delights: Steemit Logo Tree

in nature •  last year

This is actually a honey locust tree Gleditsia triacanthos but every time I look at its wavy seed pods I think 'steemit logo' so I've given it a new common name!

steemit logo tree1.jpg

I've been eyeing up these trees all autumn, looking out for a branch with just three perfect steemit pods. The trees aren't really climbing material so no scope for artistic arrangement!

steemit logo tree2.jpg

This rather pretty tree is not native to the UK but is often planted as an ornamental. It can tolerate pollution and drought well which makes it a good roadside tree. In the summer it has beautiful delicate leaves and then the interesting seed pods to add interest in the winter.
steemit logo tree3.jpg

What patterns do you see in nature?

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