Mushrooms for the night

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At first I didn't believe the picture when I saw it, mushrooms that glow. I mean, would you believe it the first time you saw it? I was so convinced it was fake that I did some research on it. After the following picture I'm gonna share some of the facts I found out.

The different types of bioluminescent mushrooms

There is a wide variety of different bioluminescent mushrooms. There is Panellus pusillus, Panellus stipticus, Armillaria gallica, Armillaria mellea, Mycena luxaeterna, Mycena chlorophos, Mycena heamatopus, Omphalotus illudens, Omphalotus olearius and many more.

Mycena galopus

This mushroom looks magical in the day or night. Here is a photo of it from in the day.

Panellus stipticus

They are some of the brightest glowing from all the bioluminescent mushrooms in the forest. These flat fungi also takes over the branches of trees. When the sun sets these fungi lights up the forest.

Armillaria mellea

These orange-hued mushrooms are found in Asia all the way to North America. They are the most widespread bioluminescent mushrooms. The part of these mushrooms that glow is the bottom part (mycelium), this part isn't usually visiable. Then why even glow? Scientists says it discourages animals from eating it. Here is an example of these mushrooms.

Panellus pusillus

This fungi takes over the branches of trees in Lage numbers. At night it looks like strings of lights in the forest, just imagine seeing that.

Omphalotus illudens

Also know as the "jack-o'-lantern" mushrooms. They glow adding more mystery to their Halloweenish name. They are found in eastern North America in hardwood forest. Only their gills glow.

Few mind blowing fact about bioluminescent mushrooms

  • The name for the glow of the mushrooms are called, foxfire.
  • The green, blueish light attracts insects.
  • Mushrooms use molecules called luciferins, paired with an enzyme and oxygen, this releases light.
  • The luciferins in these mushrooms are the same compounds found in fireflies and underwater creatures.

In conclusion

So looks like these mystical mushrooms are real. I'm sure you found it interesting to learn about, I know I found it very interesting. Looks like learning something new never stops.
So here, let me answer my own question.

Is glow in the dark mushrooms real?
Yes they are.

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