Let's keep our Environment from now on. #38

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This is my post for all of us that the importance of maintaining the Environment. Maintaining the Environment is our shared responsibility. By doing that little thing is very meaningful to maintain the Environment. Throw garbage in its place, for example if throwing garbage in this river will make the river water is clogged and cause flood. In addition, the river water will be polluted and make the fish will die. This is a small thing we can do for the sake of a Wakeful Environment. There are many more ways to keep our environment. So let's equally we take care of our Environment. If not now when? If not us, who else? Thank you for your attention.


perfect photography by you.The effect you uses are awesome and nice i enjoyed a lot .

Beautiful post and photography! It tells a story which you put into your own words. I wish more people would understand how we must sustain our habitat. We as humans are the harshest too mother nature. Once we understand how much harm were doing too out bodies because of pollution, and how many animals we are harming throwing off our food chain! we will understand that we have too slow down what earth is embracing before its too late. Great mind opening post!