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This is my latest contribution to help nature I was out shopping at Aldi and on the shelves was this bee and insect house for only £6.99 which I thought was not a lot compared to the good it could possibly do for the bees and insects with in my garden


On the back of the box are a few helpful hints on location, it also mentions not to paint or lacquer the house and to cover with a fleece type of material during the winter months


So hopefully in time it will become a nice home for many different types of insects and bees which I’m sure will benefit my garden as well as nature


Hopefully in time I could post about what insects and bees have moved in. Cheers mike

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My husband is going to love this.

I did not know what to get him for his birthday. I do now! He is concerned about the bee population and we would feel we are doing our tiny share if we have one of these.

I imgine I can find one locally. If not, I will hit the 'net`

Hopefully there is time for someone to settle in this season.


I’m sure you will get one online, thanks for your reply cheers mike

That's a cool insect house and a great price.. Not sure if you could make one for that. I put one up for my mom last year and there's lots of insect in and out of it this summer


Your right you would Struggle to buy all the materials for that money. Thanks mike

It's great work you have done, I also have made this type of insects house...Cheers mike

@mikenevitt, In my opinion you've really done an amazing job for sure, and this insect house is really reflecting as decorative piece.

And I've found one thing really beautiful and that is, where you kept this house, that place is reflecting so breathtaking because it holds the purest form of Greenery.

We are waiting for exploration of your garden through your pictures and i hope that some awesome pictures will be coming soon.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Nice one cheers mate


Thank you. 🙂

Those insect homes are very helpful for the native bee population (not honey bees). Sadly the native bees are dieing off in many countries.🐝

Seven quids is a steal! Even if the material was for free the time it takes to build it would probably be worth more. And it does not look bad at all!