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Another day in the nestbox and it seems we are down to six chicks from eight, but the good news is the six remaining chicks seem to be getting bigger also they are developing their first set of feathers so fingers crossed we won’t lose any more and now for some off today’s pictures





And for any one new here is a picture of the parents


Thanks for taking the time to look cheers mike


Ahhh no has she lost 2 babies, that's sad :(

I’ve looked a few times today and I can only see six , but I could be wrong, thanks for your reply cheers mike

I hope the other 2 show there faces/beaks soon :)

That would be good fingers crossed. Cheers mike

So lovely ... not too long ago I have posted a similar story ... a photoblog of the new born birds ... shots from egg stage onwards.

I’ve just had a look great post nice one. Thanks for your reply cheers mike

So happy you checked on my post, Mike! I do appreciate this a lot!


Thanks mate

looking good, love that last pic with the tit in flight! 👍

It is a nice picture, thanks mike

very beautiful pictures you shared dear @mikenevitt i think chicks are waiting for food.