Blowing the Cobwebs Off: Join Me on Blackhead Path

in nature •  last year

I've walked you around Blackhead before, but this is a great chance to blow off the Christmas cobwebs!

It's sleeting as we climb to the lighthouse. The sky to the east is the colour of lapis lazuli.


But off to the southwest the sunset is an explosion.


The lighthouse gets ready to light its lamp...


And meanwhile winter draws the curtain.


Here's hoping Christmas has been kind to you!

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adventurous,you have a good sense of photography
have a look at some of mine photo


Great pics. Would love to see that for myself.


yes, off course this is beautiful pakistan.

Hi @martinmooney great post amazing photography sunshine


Thanks Syed! Yes, we don't see much sunshine in Ireland but when we do - especially at the start or end of the day - it's often wonderful!