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Watch this video I got of so many different birds at The Celery Fields feeding on fish as the water rushes by. This was after a storm and there was lots of water running out of The Celery Fields. I love the sound of the water.

100% my original work! Except where noted. Copyright 2018 ® Mark Vance Photography

I am an award winning photographer and filmmaker. Many of my pictures have been used in TV Shows and Feature Films, such as "Zero Dark Thirty", "NCIS Los Angeles" and "The Walking Dead".
Many of my bird pictures and videos have been used by The National Audubon Society and Sarasota Audubon and used on several TV shows, like "Animal Outtakes" on ABC. Enjoy!


Bird feast! Some really amazing segments - one of the best videos yet and the rushing water is like a tranquilizer thoughtfully provided by nature. Very enjoyable.

Glad you liked it!

Thanks for your feedback on my last post, Just started follow looking forward on supporting each other!

Thanks I will follow you.

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