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Watch this video I got of some Royal Terns. I got very close and you can see some taking a bath in the Gulf of Mexico near the end. This was shot on Ana Maria Island in Florida.

100% my original work! Except where noted. Copyright 2018 ® Mark Vance Photography

I am an award winning photographer and filmmaker. Many of my pictures have been used in TV Shows and Feature Films, such as "Zero Dark Thirty", "NCIS Los Angeles" and "The Walking Dead".
Many of my bird pictures and videos have been used by The National Audubon Society and Sarasota Audubon and used on several TV shows, like "Animal Outtakes" on ABC. Enjoy!


I like the black mohawks, Awesome you could get this close.

Yes, they didn't seem to care that I was there.

Video looks great but I'm just wondering how many hours of patience it took you to create these four minutes video!?!
(And how many cramps, as well?!) 😉😊

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It takes a little while. The day I got this video, they didn't seem to mind to much that I was there. I had to set up and just let them do their thing.

lol - I imagined you waiting there for hours and being still, holding your breath not to frighten them.
I tried so many times to take some shots of seagulls that were standing only few meters from me and when I would just try to slowly pick my camera they would fly away. 🙂

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Yeah it wasn’t quite that hard. Lol

Look's like a nice spot you had for the video, I have not been to that beach.

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