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in #nature4 years ago

Here are a couple of pictures I got of an Anhinga bird. Sometimes they are called the snakebird because of their long neck. They catch fish by swimming under water.

They swim with only their head and neck above the water. They come up onto land to eat the fish they catch.

100% my original work! Except where noted. Copyright 2018 ® Mark Vance Photography


😍😍😍😍 ... great shot! @markvance .

Thanks, glad you like it.

Nice. I don't think I have seen one. Which country was this shot in?

The variety of birds you shoot always amazes and this is quite the unusual bird. Could also be called the giraffebird.

I used to see them in the water all the time, nice to see what they look like on land, great photos!

What a great shot! I am enjoying your original blog and am now following you. Again, great picture.

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