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Cortinarius semisanguineus - Hat diameter 20-60 mm, young bell-shaped, hemispherical arched, later spread, chordolate, with hump, skin in the youth with small scales, matte, later dry, naked, shiny; cinnamon, olive-brown, cinnamon-brown.

Gills broad 7-10 mm, medium-thick, relatively thin, more or less sinuate and adnate, with intracellular capillaries, mature gastritis; initially blood-red, then in shades of brown, cinnamon (from spores)

Stem 30-100 mm high, 40-70 mm thick, cylindrical, oblong-woven, chromium-yellow, yellow-brown, at the base fibrous, the color of brass, often bent, brittle.

Yellowish, yellow-yellow flesh, with a bitter radish, earthy taste and smell.

Occurrence: On the ground, from lowlands to mountain areas in pine and spruce forests, rarely also under deciduous trees (beech, birch, oak), on acidic soils, in wetlands among mosses, on peat bogs, it grows gregariously. From June to November.

Value: Inedible and even poisonous fungus, contains orellanin that damages the kidneys.

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