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There are 3 species of carnivorous plants on Long Island NY.

Drosera rotundifolia is one that grows along the shoreline of ponds nearby me.

They catch insects such as mosquitoes and flies on their mucus covered leaves. The substance is sweet to attract the bugs.


These plants use enzymes to break down the insects into ammonia and other nutrients. The Ammonia is needed to replace nitrogen which the soil it is growing in, is lacking.


There are 194 species of Sundew ranging from Alaska to New Zealand with almost 50% found in Australia.


They are found growing near the waters edge
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These look frightening!!

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Yes but they are very small.

Yep! Very small for me! But very big for many insects! Very complicated ecological system!

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So pretty!

So delicate looking little killers.

Interestimg plant. Pretty, unique and dangerous (to mosquitos)

And, again, I learn something. Cool.

Thanks for dropping by :-)