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Fiddler crabs are small about 3 inches / 7.6 cm long, distinguished by one large claw, There are over 100 species world wide. The "Atlantic Marsh Fiddler Crab" ( Unc pugnax ) ranges from Maine to Florida.

photo ...

video ... at Wading River estuary

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Amazing little creatures, aren't they!?! Thanks for the link - interesting info!


The marsh was crawling with them. Shows it was healthy.


That's good news! So much today just isn't anymore.

A very beautiful crab 🦀


Hard to see they are shy and run into their holes.

He is so cute! It looks like he's been working out at the gym with only one claw, what amazing little creatures.😊


The salt marches are crawling with them.

You certainly have some wonderfully peaceful surroundings there! Fiddler crabs are really interesting creatures... so strangely asymmetrical.



Good cat food too,

greta shot of that one