Lilayi Elephant Nursery

in nature •  7 months ago

Another Zambian treat, one of only two in the world, Lilayi Elephant Nursery is a place for rearing and rehabilitating orphaned Elephants.

They currently have 5 of the smaller one.

It's a 12 year program till their eventual release and these guys are fresh out of the bush just starting out. Most of their mothers were killed by poachers or they became separated from their heard during the confusion around poaching.

Even though these guys are still fed with milk, this little one is testing out some straw.

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omg beautiful and lovely baby elephant

Poachers are a big problem. They should be shot. Glad that there are elephant sanctuaries set up in Zambia for their young. And hopefully one day the will be able to roam free without the poachers

nice animal thank you follow you blog and vote...

Wow. Only if poaching will stop in Africa. Great species of animals going into extinction. This is a great idea

Who ever is behind this project share God's view of santity of life.

Hai my lovely family @mandela
I love this Animals.
It very amazing place and we can enjoy this place.

Thank's very much @mandela we love you

We win together

From aceh province indonesia

Wow! Such a beautiful sight.....

What a lovely baby elephants. They so big yet so cute :)

Please be the person who is the god of godliness

So good to read about your good work @mandela, will you release them into the wild or do they remain in captivity? Would they survive if you had a male / female mix? Do poachers leave them elephants alone if they are in a reserve? We need to keep awareness up on elephant poaching!

Thank you for the information @mandela! As far as I'm aware there are some similar projects in Kenya and even in Zimbabwe. And also Tanzania became very strong in their elephant conservation projects and acting against poaching and ivory trade.

I really like this elephant photography,,, that is really amazing place, and also Lilayi Elephant Nursery so great thanks for sharing with us


Resteem done

Me parece maravilloso publicar actividades como ésta en Zambia, donde se presta asistencia a los animales victimas de cazadores furtivos. Publicaciones referentes a estos temas incentivan a todas las personas amantes de los animales, a formar grupos para trabajar en cualquier lugar del mundo, protegiendo la fauna de quienes no tienen conciencia de que los animales son nuestros hermanos menores y debemos protegerlos.

Sweet! :D They have an elephant orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya too! :D I enjoyed many visits there!