Flower beetles

in nature •  last year  (edited)

Some visitors enjoying the bounty.

Up close

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Are you using DSLR Camera for this photo or just a phone?

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RB kean

Perfect capture

a very nice photo ;)

I love macro pics and the color of this flower looks amazing.

Beautiful to look at :)

I honestly can't watch this without getting sad because I know it dies at the end... I love sunflowers so muchsunflowers-1719119_960_720.jpg

So amazing beautifull
Really nice and perfect capture
Thanks for sharing this with us

And after we're eating this xD

Wow. Thts really nice
Did u captured it buddy

very good photo taking @mandela ... you're a great photographer ...


Nice picture

Beautiful! I would like you to observe the beautiful purple flowers that I captured yesterday and tell me what you think of them. I hope you like it! ;)


Beautiful flower! I show you some orchids

Virgin orchid
virgen orquidea.jpg

green orchid