Guajome Park and Alta Vista Botanical Gardens - Catching up with family and nature!

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Hi friends!

It's been awhile since my last post - some days I just don't feel like writing! And I've been letting the negatives with the health care thing get me down. So, today's post is something light. Pretty to look at. No brain power needed to enjoy.

My mom and sister came for a visit, and despite the May Gray thing we've got going on right now, had some pretty decent weather for some nature walks. My photos always look better when I'm taking them, and then when I get home to check them out on the computer I end up deleting 90%. Here's what I've got left:

The first was at Guajome Park in Oceanside. Who knew you could feel so far away from civilization even with the 76 highway being right over that tree line?


Everyone eats together. I assume people feed these animals regularly since they were not afraid of humans one bit. I saw a girl actually pet a ground squirrel while he was munching away.


Oh wait, I just realized I got a few houses in that shot with momma and baby duck. Ignore that last comment about being away from I watched this duo for quite some time. At one point the momma got chased away and the poor duckling was just swimming in circles looking for her. A gang of mallards kept going after him, but he was too smart - diving into the tall reeds where the large ducks couldn't fit and then coming back out when they left. I wanted to stay until I saw the momma reunited with her baby, but it was getting late. There was another trio of adult ducks all working together to feed one really tiny puff ball of a duckling which was pretty interesting to watch. One duck would go to the main area for food, bring it half way back where he was met by the other two ducks who would take it from him and go the rest of the way to where the puff ball was waiting under the reeds. The guy getting the food never actually fed the baby, or even made it back to the nest. They repeated this process endlessly. Must be the best way to keep the babes safe.


I can't tell you what these next photos are of, but I appreciated the texture and patterns so I guess that's why I took them?



And now on to Alta Vista Botanical Gardens in Vista, CA.


Here is my sister trying out the Human Sundial. I don't know how they figured it out, but it's really cool! If you stand on the month you are in now, your shadow will fall on the time of day it is. I want one of these in my future garden. It really works, you just can't see her shadow too well in the photo.


This smelled amazing. Garden etiquette said I couldn't pick any to bring home, though. (sad face)


I've never seen a cotton tree before, let alone the flower before it turns. How cool are these pods? My mom thought it was a type of rose bush at first.



And last, but not least....I went bee hunting. LOL. I don't know what came over me, but I got obsessed with taking a photo of a bee on a flower. I gave up after almost getting stung in the eye, so this is my best effort:


And that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed walking with us!



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I used to run Cross Country events in Guajome park!

Its really beautiful! I cant run more than a block just yet, but once I get more in shape I should try running there.

Nice walk out and about with kin. Was that your high flying sister? Did you let your mother and sister know about the hugest wild bears and the direst wolfs that roam the hills of Fallbrook? And avocadoist man - he pulls you into trees and calls the spookiest spiders to tickle your skin and remove the wrong digits.
Shit. Too much beer and letting my mind float about. It is fun.
I hope they enjoy their stay and enjoy Fallbrook. :-))

It is her! HAHAHA! They heard some coyotes and ducks and said I live in farm country, lol. My mother hates avocados, so she wouldn't have been scared of the avocadoist man. We did have a shit ton of spiders though! UGHHH.

Did you tell her about the packs of coyotes with 100 of them swooping down to take over towns? :-)) I gotta tell you tho, there are times, particularly in the mornings and dusk, when it's good to walk around with a stick in front of you because those spiders make their webs fast. They're not dangerous, just annoying. Have fun!

holy shit thats a great idea! those webs are the WORST. hey, I drive by your dentist friend probably every day. I meant to stop by to take a selfie in front of his sign to share with you but it would have required a left turn and those are impossible in california. even in fallbrook.

I’m glad you didn’t get stung in the eye. That would have really been a bummer.

Ive only been stung by a bee once in my life - and it was after I smacked him dead with a paddleboard. I hopped out of the pool a few minutes later and stepped right on him. Got his revenge from the grave!

Ouch. That’s some instant karma for you. I was stung a lot when I was little. I can’t remember what it felt like, though, and I don’t think I want to be reminded:)

haha i think its worse than a shot. now that you mention it, i cant really remember it either!

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Ive been a bad socalsteemit member. gotta post more! thanks for the spotlight!!!

Sounds like you had a great time!! Are they still here?

We did! No, they were just here for three days. Short visit. My mom started a new job coaching high level gymnastics so she had to get back.

Beautiful! It looks like your family had a wonderful time! Blessings

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