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Hello steemit friends, I hope that they should be well. A few days ago I had the opportunity to have one slightly different day with my neighbors and relatives. We decide to go to the field. All with the motive of dismissing a neighbor who in a few days goes away of my country! Although we all were slightly dull we motivate ourselves to have a big day.

All my neighbors and relatives we enjoy this swimming pool

Tanque de agua.JPG

really I love the horses, it might spend the whole day mounting horse.

The horse ​​ is a mammal perisodáctilo domesticated of the family of the équidos. It is a herbivore perisodáctilo of big freightage, long and vaulted neck populated by long manes

Here a few images

Caballo amarillo.JPG

In this one photos we were already very far from other persons


Here I am with Blanco, a good young man who takes care of the field!


I leave the latter image to them!

2018-07-03 19.53.49.png

*Really I hope that he should like the images! As always, thanks for its time! *


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Hola Luis me gustaron mucho las fotos que tomaste desde el Caballo. Saludos

Gracias amigo!!