Abalone Cartel busted !

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What is so sad about this is that 12 of the 24 employees of the Department of Sea Fisheries was part of this cartel. Abalone smuggling in the Western Cape has been going on for many years while we the public that pay for a license to dive abalone may not do so as government stopped us from diving abalone .


Over a 100 warrants was issued for different households believed to be part of this syndicate of smugglers . The sad thing about this is these pro's took out more abalone over a weekend than recreational divers took out in a season with the blessing of the department of fisheries .


12 Abalone buyers has also been arrested on the same day and according to our SAPS there is still more arrests to come . One thing is for sure the abalone will stand a better chance to survive with out these criminals plundering our oceans . There will always be some one looking to take a chance and diving for abalone as the prices for this forbidden delicacy is so high .


May this be a warning for potential smugglers in the Western Cape . It looks like the South African police has decided enough is enough and are starting to crack down the whip on corrupt officials and smugglers alike . To live in harmony with nature and protecting our resources for decades to come is our responsibility, rather than a few have the pleasure to destroy a whole echo system for a couple of bucks.


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Saving our natural recourse is every human beings responsibility

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It is sad that this is still happening today, the first year that I started diving they revoked the abalone permits. Luckily we can still dive crayfish, for now.. They really have to give them long jail terms to send a message.



Yes is do agree especially the Sea Fisheries guys that was involved with this unbelievable!

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If we want save us we should protect our natural resource . thank uncle for your good post



That is so true , i don't think people rely understand what they actually are doing to our environment.

Wow !!!
Informative news ...
Thanks @louiscpt


Your'e welcome

I was in Hong Kong a few month's ago and the amount of stores that had dried abalone for sale was atrocious! There were jars upon jars of the stuff. I still snapped a few pics of these, as well as shark fins. It's sad how greed can destroy anything in its path.



I totally agree , greed is the root to all evil. I saw that as well when I was in the east and very pricey i think if the poachers new what they are selling it for the price would have doubled just glad they caught this syndicate .

Always follwo the law
And live safe life
Kept it up



That is a good motto to live by.



Great job from S.A.P.S WELL DONE!!!


I do agree well done to the S.A.P.S. !



hahahahah not in our jails , it is hectic over populated

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