Shades of nature 🌾

in nature •  6 months ago

#mytinyatlas #Lithuaniannature #escapewild

Usually we ignore things that are extremely important - relationships with who you love (!), natural beauty (!), cute little things that you love to do. Every day we should live as if it were the last!


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A very famous quote related to nature is "if you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."


Saludos. De quien es esa cita?

Beautiful view of neture!!!!

What a wonderful photos


Thank you. My own photographed beauty in Lithuania :))


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I love your insights of the nature.

Enjoy your staying in nature @ligit

Some amazing music would fit to your atmosphere

Happy time wherever you are @ligit

Checkout some of my music when you'll have time via dsound & dtube


Thank you. Totally agree with you. Music and a good view are just necessary be together... because then the sensations get stronger


With pleasure @ligit

Then enjoy some of my compositions while you'll be out there with Family in the Nature!/@luciannagy


Nature is undoubtedly mesmerizing. but your photography skills added more beauty to the capture! on which place were these images were captured?

Hi ligit, I really congratulate you they are beautiful photographs, the that reflect make one travel within the landscape you sample.Total relaxation.greetings,,,!

pics are really beautiful...the place looks calm and best for taking a break from the tiring and busy life ...

Your post is very nice and beautiful. The photo you put is beautiful. Your photography is very good.

your photography is amazing.. all pics very specif and realized There is nothing more beautiful than nature


Thank you. I'm a real nature lover, I like to get to the beach or get to a forest or get somewhere there's fresh air. :)


very nice thought.

Flowers , mountains ,rivers , ponds etc are gift of nature .

NIce Shots of Nature @ligit ...

The Third Shot is so beautiful which feels like i could sit there and watch the beauty all day ...

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You Have A Good Day @ligit :)

so cool ... usually the unnoticed is pretty

These things are blessing of nature for us.

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la naturaleza en todas su facetas y expresiones es hermosa, cultivemos vida, y ella nos regalara vida.

Beautiful view of nature

Dear friend. amazing photos. I don’t think I’ve seen better than this.

Wow! Very pamper the eyes. Very beautiful, my friend. Thanks for sharing @ligit! 👌

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Beautiful 🍃🍃🍃

A good nature photography. I like it.
Take Care friend.

awesome pictures..!!!

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Hermosos paisajes, gracias por compartirlos. La naturaleza es magia pura en acción frente a nuestros ojos, solo tenemos que estar atentos.