s l o w l y , g e n t l e, d e e p l y 🍃

in nature •  8 months ago

A few days kayaking . A few days of refreshment, tranquility, nature, and easy sport. In the evening - sauna and cold water in the river.

This is my lithuanian weekend of July. 💧🛶

Do you often see a dog kayaking? Meet Giris, who has been kayaking for 7 years till now. Captain with experience :)


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Look like such great weekend in the natural

Amazing posts, I start follow you :)

This dog is so wonderful <3
What's his name :)?

how can I do it?

Damn nice #sunlight nature and beautiful dog photography (Well click)

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@ligit your pictures are super soothing. The place is really nice and worth visiting

Haha, cool dog! I love kayaking too! :)

I love kayaking, such a great way to get close to nature! So glad I came across your blog today!

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beautiful natural photography...awesome to look at

Great dog, he's the captain🤗

Awesome pictures! :) The dog looks so relaxed and confident :)

Haha! She looks like a kayaking enthusiast. Very photogenic. 🐓🐓