✳ Perfect escape

in nature •  6 months ago

I stopped waiting for something. My heart becomes calm, I started to live because before I was thinking more about how to live. I stopped waiting for something from myself.

#perfectescape #enjoythesilence #travel 🌿

Mauai island


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beautiful weather

Wow what a great view

You are light but your photo is so weighted in value. You have the best choice for photography. Thanks for sharing.

the view is perfect to enjoy a cup of coffee with someone special.. hahaha
bytheway its a beautiful car...


That's trut! Coffee and a nice/beautiful view are the perfect duo ;]

Hi @ligit, very nice snapshot, when we find the reason, life will become meaningful. I like your post. I followed and upvoted you.


Thank you, I believe that there must be harmony everywhere

I loved your photo, how good it is to feel good with yourself, that's a good attitude.


I would say that this is almost one of the most important priorities in life.
Thank you su much!

Nice Shot, which place is this?

wow amazing view and looking so cute.

Great landscapic shot ...Where it is?

Beautiful landscape. 👍

But you are looking beautiful.

nice,sometimes you have to make room for yourself.

Nice post your shot
Good luck

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travelling is funn!

Good photography

Nice place

Such a great photo! :)

Your picture is beautiful and I love it. The person who captured this has a great photography skills.


My sister, thank you :))