📷 New to macro...my first MACRO PICTURES! 🌺 #1

in nature •  7 months ago

Today I took my camera and went out to take photos for my first macro shots.

The garden is now full of flowers and beetles. Some of them I saw for the first time, for example, a worm was dappled like a bee :) 🕷🐝


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Omg! really this your first time? :O keep going!

I m so happy, that days so many people decide to shoot macro😍 I like tour first photo... good start👌 little lack of focus... but the colors and the light are soft... Next time, try to use a higher shuter speed, and the focus will be better🤘🤘🔥🔥 If you like macros, look up my work🤗
Keep exploring and shooting macro ❤️


Thank you very much for advice. I will try!


No problem, love to help. Yes, I m patiently waiting for your next macro to drop 👌🤘🤗

What great shot you get , the photos are really sharp and in good focus

Beautiful nature but also, beautiful like an insect. Thanks @ligit

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I so like the spring when every thing is come to life

Doesn't look first all are classy

what can I say a great photo

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beautiful macro @ligit

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