Why Hemp Can Be A Game Changer

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Why Nature is important is what is being done to undermine it

Nature is paradise. It reinvigorates our soul and gives us purpose. After all, nature has given us so much, whether that be  oxygen, food, water, animals, or even us. We as human beings should be grateful for what nature has provided us. However, some people, especially billionaires and their corporations, don't seem to see it that way. That's because their mission is to make as much money as possible, regardless of the consequences, and one of them is to destroy a place like the amazon rainforest.

Deforestation has had a profound effect on the Amazon rainforest, and it is only ramping up. Thousands upon thousands of acres of forest is being lost every single year here, and for what you might ask? For highways, soybeans, wood, etc. I guess the amazon, which has some of the most biodiverse communities in the world, is worth using for a few cups of soy milk and some rolls of paper towels. Of course not! Deforestation is never the solution. Not only that, but research is showing deforestation is increasing the levels of carbon dioxide in the air. That means more pollution and more disasters. How about instead of removing millions of trees for our own selfish needs, we invest in something that's actually going to save the planet, like hemp.

The solution may be something that is indeed very small

Hemp is a great resource for obtaining many of the things we use today. This includes fabrics, plastics, animal feeds, bio fuels, and paints. Not only that, hemp is almost always made for industrial use. This means it contains a much lower amount of THC than a traditional weed plant. It is strong, durable, and much more efficient to grow and use than other plants and trees. 

If it so great, why haven't we been using it at mass quantities already? Well,  at one point we almost did. One of the people who pioneered hemp in the early days was none other than Henry Ford. 

Thanks for reading! Conserving nature is  important, and it applies to all regions of the world. Also, it's important for people to know what hemp truly is and how it can change the world. Thanks.

Thanks for reading! Please share and spread the word about hemp and how it can change our world for the better.

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