beauty of olive trees

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Olive trees are very special kind of plants, two are the aspects that fascinate me the most, the age that they can reach and the design their trunks, specially the older one, can create.

In my opinion another pure spectacle that mother nature offers us for free!

This collection come from the southern part of Italy where you can admire some trees that around there they call monumental trees. Some of these trees can have even 1000 years so you can really guess why they call them monumental.

As I said older they get and more sophisticated and beautiful their trunks can get.

These trees were close by the ancient Egnatia roman site, here my short post about it (, and I love to think that maybe some of them have been planted during the ancient times when the people actually lived the today ruins.


As you can see there is not a tree similar to the other and each one has its own history.


These trees of course produce olives and here they use them for eating of course but mainly for producing olive oil.
The extra virgin olive oli variety from this area is considered one of the finest all over the world.


Really amazing in my humble opinion.

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