Atlantic ocean like Mediterranean sea

in #nature9 months ago

I used to live in a warm Mediterranean country, where the sea, means warm water, in summer of course, and no waves.

The sea for us was, and it is still nowadays, practically a swimming pool.

When I started to travel, and i saw the ocean, was shoking form me, while a paradise for surfers, the water was cold, the first experience was on the Atlantic, and with big waves.

It was for sure not the playground I was used with the sea.

During my trips I learned the ocean could be warm as well, like some parts of the Indian ocean, but always with big currents and big waves.

I was really pleased when I found this place, on the Atlantic shores, in Portugal, precisely in Sesimbra.


While in Portugal there are for sure big waves places like Nazarè, you can find in the more protected area like this one, some places that looks like the Mediterranean swimming pool I mentioned before.

No waves and less violent currents allow the people to enjoy the water even for not sufers.

Sure the water is still very cold unfortunately.