Drone Shots In Dusty Conditions

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Drone Shots In Dusty Conditions

The dust of the Sahara dessert has blanketed our country of Trinidad and Tobago at such high levels that it is the most severe in history and certainly I have never seen such a phenomenon in all of my 25 years of living on this planet! 2020 is certainly, by far, the weirdest and freakiest year yet with Armageddon levels of crazy occurrences. This also means that the air quality is severely affected. People are getting respiratory afflictions and dry eyes and so on and this may last a week or two. We decided though, to go get some shots on the outside for fun!


We headed out to a nearby fish market where is there is this cool jetty or spit that extends out into the sea on the western coast in central Trinidad. The thing is visibility was so low that we all thought it was cloudy and overcast but imagine our shock when we saw the sun in its entirety shining through the thick dust! There was so much Saharan dust that it made the weather seem to be stormy but it was not!


This made the ocean look dreary and dull. It was low tide as well contributing to the brown and drole water colours. Normally this is such a beautiful spot. The dusty phenomenon made us feel as if we were in Western Asia/ Eastern Europe or one of those countries where there is a lot of dust in the air all the time!


The northern mountain range of Trinidad is always visible no matter what and it was extremely shocking to not be able to see it at all. It was debilitating in a way as I use that as a landmark for navigation to know where the north is. Nonetheless, I still tried to get some drone shots and managed to snag a few top down shots of the boats which were a nice contrast of bright colours to counteract the dreary and grey atmosphere.


Severe Saharan Souper

For those of you who may know, in England during the industrial revolution, there was so much pollution that the resulting fog and air conditions were called pea soupers (pea soup) based on how they looked. I decided to call this the Saharan souper because its fun to say and is much like the pea soupers! I hope this clears up soon as alot of people here have respiratory medical conditions and given the corona virus, I'm not sure how this would pan out. Thanks a lot for reading, Cheers!


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