Sunset from the sky

in #nature4 years ago

Had a long business trip last week. The highlight was the view of the sunset from the plane on the way home. Was a great way to close the busy week.

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What a great photo! Is this off your phone or a camera K?

Thanks @galenkp Smartphone out the airplane Window (Pixel 4XL). I also let the googlephotos enhace it a bit, which spiced up the color and made the cloud detail more visible. Would have loved to have had a chance at this with the drone though!

I've tried s few times with my phone...Never comes out that good. Oh well, I'll live vicariously through your photo. Still haven't got a drone...Too many other things are taking priority...Food, insurances, fuel...You know. One day maybe.

Beautiful view of that sunset!

Thank you! It was a fantastic gift after a very long week of work and travel. It was the most relaxing thing. I must've just stared at it for at least 15 min.

It's good to be able to connect with nature, even when it is through an airplane window!

Wow, amazing shot. Well done.

Thanks, it's amazing how sometimes great opportunities just fall into our lap. I was just staring at it for like 5 min before I even thought "Hey I should take a picture"! Glad I did, just looking at it brings back some good memories.

I totally agree on the opportunities. It's good you had a camera handy, cell phones make it easy.

Ohhhh, found this a lil late, but it's gorgeous...
Sun setting on a cloud horizon - that might be what I'd call it! :D

Tks. I keep going back to look at it. :) One of my new favorites.

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