Snow days equal fish tank cleaning

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We snuck out for a bit yesterday in-between the snows to get groceries and cat food and came home with some new fish. Some "glow-fish" got a new home. And the goldfish we brought in from the koi pond in the fall are still doing well and getting huge! Took some time to clean the tank and filter as well. My first time cleaning the filter. Wow, who knew the filter would get so Nasty!







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Those are some lovely goldfish!

Thanks! We bought them online, came in a bag in a box and spent the summer out in our pond. They seemed to do much better than all the previous Koi we had bought locally which all died within a month. They've grown probably at least an inch or two already.

They are all colorful and pretty fish...

The 2fish I have were given to my husband as a Christmas gift the month before he died. A very thoughtful gift, but it's now 3 "years later and I'm still feeding fish that I never intended to have! Poor things are neglected, but grow bigger each day!

I have a friend with one like that, he says like 10 years old! I'm not sure I would do this again, a lot more work each week than I originally thought. I like watching them, but can't stand a dirty tank and seems to take weekly cleaning to keep it up properly. Maybe less fish or I hear salt water less work to keep up. This is my first time with a "real" tank.

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