Deer Walk

in #nature4 years ago

Had some time off work this weekend to get out and walk a bit. Really enjoyed seeing these young mule deer checking me out.
They didn't seem too alarmed. This photo was taken with my smartphone, and probably only 15-20 feet away. My walking route took me past them 5-6 times, and each time they would just kind of lift their head and check me out, often moving their head around to catch me through the trees. On the final pass, one of them even got more comfortable to just lay down and settle in for his nap I suppose. It always makes my day to get out and see wildlife in the wild.


Great photo! I'm glad you had some time off work. It looks like you spent it in good company! !Beer

You keep good company! Not everyone is so lucky!! I love when I catch them unaware or seemingly bored with my presence. I always forget how petite mule deer are!

How sweet! Nice shot and they are still giving you the look!

Have a great weekend and thank you for the generous upvote!


Yes, this is my favorite company to keep! Giving the look is right, funny how they do that intruder look, what is this strange thing walking in our woods I imagine they are thinking.

Haha! Exactly. :)

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