The Wild Plain - photo's from an adventure

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The photo's below are some I took this passing week on a Game farm in South Africa (in Limpopo). As I am from Cape Town, I was a tourist in my own counry enjoying a whole different natural environment.

My friend and I sat on a wooden deck, very quietly and watched how the animals walked into an open grassland plain before us.

IMG_2957 (2).JPG
This Kudu heard the clicking sound of my camera.

IMG_3035 (2).JPG
I love this Warthog shot with the dove and the water lines reflecting on the piggy.

IMG_3222 (2).JPG
I took a bunch of photo's while this Impala was running and this is the best shot.

IMG_3342 (2).JPG
This is the Grey Loerie, or known to locals as the Go-away-bird. Locals dislike this bird because this bird warns of animals when Humans, or other predators, are close by. But I find this bird very beautiful with its irritating 'Kwê' sound.

IMG_3376 (2).JPG
A running Giraffe...

This photo was taken in the dark, but because I'm still playing and testing out the camera, it blurred a bit. But I still like this shot (Any advice on taking photo's in the dark?)

My last two photo's is edited. Editing photo's is my hobby and most of them I post on Instagram under 'kiekie_777'
Here is close-up shots from an Ant and a Frog.



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very nice post and amazing photos. Following you and waiting for next post about wildlife photography.

thanks for the upvote and comment. I still have some photo's to post on Wildlife, I'll do that in between my other posts. Thanks for the motivation!


thanks, i appreciate the upvote and comment!

I fell in love with the Kudu ♡

I've always liked African fauna and your pictures just add more reasons to do so :)

I also love African fauna and just want to capture it on camera. I'm glad to know someone thinks the same as I do. Thanks for the upvote and comment!

Thank you for sharing ♡ And you're studying Natural Science! I study Biology and I'm pretty much interested in animals, so I'm following you :)

Hola..muy bonitas tus fotografías, los animales salen fabulosos, te sigo porque me gusta el trabajo también te di el voto,espero me leas y comentes dame el [email protected]

Great photos Kiekie. Makes me eager to get back into the bush with my camera!

i lovvvveee looking at pictures about animals! i especially like the giraffe and the warthog pics! thank you soooo much for sharing your experience with us! :)

I'm glad you like my pictures, I'll try to post some more. And thanks for the upvote!

yeah it was really nice! my pleasure! see ya around and keep on making posts like this! :)

It seems to be a nice place to visit and enjoy the nature! Thanks too much for sharing, very good pictures!!

You should visit Limpopo, or South Africa overall. South Africa have a wide variety of Nature. Thanks for the upvote and comment!

That warthog shot is so great. I love it.

Hi @kiekie you've done great and very professional job just speechles work congratulation. I look forward your next job! when you are available can you check it the below link I really appreciate it

Beautiful wildlife photography,

thanks, your comment means a lot to me.

Hi @kiekie you've done great and very professional job just speechles work congratulation. I look forward your next job! when you are available can you check it the below link I really appreciate it

I'd say this is a really nice awesome compilation. Been a while since i visited a game researve and these post reminds me of the times i'd visit game parks. I also don't think you really need advice on how to take a photo in the dark. Running giraffes photo is perfect. All the shots you took are on point. Africa is blessed.

I really appreciate your comment, thanks. And don't wait to long to visit a game reserve again, as you know its a bunch of fun and adventure. Thanks for the upvote.


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Nicee shot and wild. Good Pictures Bro

thanks a lot for the comment and upvote!

Very beautiful shots i love the wildlife animal looking foward to more of your post

Beautiful! I love the bush, and your photo's took me back there. I could even smell the thorn trees. Thank you.

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