Bees which save misty mountain forest in Cameroon. Become beekeeper with us. 10€ = 1 bee hive = 100 sq m of forest saved.

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African bees save the African misty mountain forest in Cameroon. The more bees, the more the forest. After a recent meeting with Fon (King of Kedjom-Keku), we have agreed to systematic protection and restoration of spring areas throughout the mountain Abongphen. Our first goal is to save the largest reservoir of water for the whole Kedjom-Keku (see map inside the video) called Mendong Buo (two breasts).

We need your help for that. Let's make together 1,000 hives to fence up to 800 hectares with them, where we can find hundreds of springs (most of them already dried). Beekeeping will prevent the forest against cattle and bushfires, so water resources could recover back. In addition, thanks to beekeeping, the forest becomes more profitable than pasture or farm so we will achieve its long-term protection, which will be better for local farmers than to destroy the forest. And it will pay off.

10 € = 1 bee hive = 100 sq m of the mountain forest saved and restored = up to 80 € per year for the local farmer

Thank you!

Contribute to our transparent account [EUR]:
IBAN: CZ8120100000002401262246

OR transparent account [$]:
IBAN: CZ9020100000002801262245

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Check or website: to get more information about our conservation program in Cameroon.

Nice day
coordinator of NGO @kedjom-keku

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So I just donate STEEM worth 10 euro to @treeplanter and you buy a bee hive :) ?

It is one of the options. So it is exactly like that. Thanks a lot
coordinator of @kedjom-keku and @treeplanter

Perfect, lovely project, 1 x bee hive inc :)

Re steemed!

nice post my friend @kedjom-keku

A good project. In Bulgaria, too, the problem - bees in the mountains disappear. The number of bees is constantly decreasing. This is already an environmental problem not only in Africa, but also in many countries. Unfortunately, there are not enough good projects to save bees. Good luck to you!

hello, you are right. We have to do more to save bees. I believe more beekeepers could force farmers to stop using pesticides and grazers to stop bushfires.

Very good post for user account steemians, may be useful for all readers of this post. @kedjom-keku

post a very high quality pal better hopefully resolved

very important post saving nature is the best service as well as business

yes, it would really difficult to save our nature if it is not profitable for people. Unofrtunatelly it means cash not only water, fertile soil and wildlife.