Open landscape.

in nature •  4 months ago

Colors of the fall.

Marsh land and mountains.






An autumn day in the north of Norway.
Best regards


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Great nature!


Thanks @chorock for comments :)

Lindos paisajes @karja de Norway


Muchas gracias por tu comentario :)

Wonderful nature dear lovely friend karja


Thanks so much for commenting :)

Very nice landscape! Really good pictures. It's a pleasure.


Thanks so much Chris for nice comments :)

Nice autumn pictures. Your captures are good like always.


Thanks for sharing.


Thanks dinar for comments and a beautiful picture :)

Wow they do really look awesome and lovely :)

The 1st and the last one was mesmerizing shots , well all of them are ;)


Thanks so much friend Rehan

Nice autumn pictures. Your captures are good like always.



Thanks for sharing.
Note: Earlier comments sources was missed to mention

la naturaleza en todo su esplendor@karja,que preciosos paisajes,saludos


Gracias Petra 🙂