After the sunset.

in nature •  2 months ago

Todays colorful evening, 20:15.




A fall evening in northern Norway.
Have a nice evening


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Fire in the sky! Great photography @karja
I have one collection but not that good like yours one.


Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Dinar for a beautiful sunset :)

Lindo atardecer @karja


Gracias 🙂

Wow..........⛅ really...... Very... Very beautiful sky photo.....i love your dear friend karja


Thanks so much moni :)

Nice photo sir.

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Wow.... what a beautiful moment... so magical ...


Thanks so much prova for commenting :)

Bello atardecer, Jan


Muchas gracias Piel por tu comentario :)

You do a natural photo shoot perfectly. Beautiful panorama. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks matt for great comments :)


You are welcome.

muy lindo atardecer@karja,saludos


Muchas gracias por tu comentario :)

yum yumminess!! love this set, colors from A to Å ;)


Thanks dragon for nice commenting :)


My pleasure 🐉🐲😀💘