Empty beach in the north.

in nature •  10 months ago

Rain, wind and snow.

Parts of the fjord Lyngen in the north of Norway. Today there has been bad weather with rain and snow a little higher up and occasionally some glimpse of the sun. Close to these place in a valley where I work, has it been cold with temperatures dow to zero degrees C.


View inwards the fjord.




View of the outer part of the fjord, clouds and rain on the lens.

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It looks really mesmerising. What I find incredible about northern Norway is the experience of all the seasons in the same day..


Yes the weather change rapidly, many days with different bad to a few days with nice weather :)

A great posting mr @karja


Thank you:)

Amazing photography @karja,i like it.


Thank you :)

Here in the south it has been hot, hot, hot, with temperatures between 20C and 30C during the daytime. Well, a bit more chilly the last two mornings.


sounds good, take care of the nice days :)

I liked the clear distinction between lush green and white in the mountains. Nice


Thank you lonas for replying :)

Nydelig! For noen flotte farger.


Takk for hygglig kommentar :)

Nydelig! For noen flotte farger.

wow amazing... that snowy mountains look stunning


Thank you for comments :)

Amazing nature... really three nice and amazing combination..


Thank you for comment :)

keep the spirit @karja, the weather is not a barrier for us to complain. enjoy a job and the results will be very satisfying.


Great words, thank you yanti 😊


You are welcome @karja

Great shots


Thanks sand :)

I love the snow capped mountains with the greenery directly below. Beautiful contrast!


Thank you tiger for replying :)