When drought and nature collides

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Since a couple of weeks the drought here in Holland is getting in to its new phases of actually tarting to give a lot of issues. Forrest fires and mooring fires are really a challenge here in the South East region, en in the wetlands the dikes are starting to develop some issues.

But the weird thing about moor land is how fast it comes back after being burned down entirely. Check it out!

Screenshot_20200526160512_Photo Editor.jpg

You can see that the gras is already growing back on the soil that is still burnt. Talk about resilience that nature has more than we realise. If you look at it from a perspective it is actually quite a beautiful sight even though the cause of it is really not that good.

Screenshot_20200526160103_Photo Editor.jpg

So a couple weeks ago this land was destroyed by a fire which we all got NL alerts from. An NL alert is like a text message telling you to stay inside because there might be danger in the area. Call it like an Amber alert but for different events. And that events was multiple fires here. Some were bigger than others and luckily this fire was put out within a day. I walk here quite often, and it is really cool to see how nature is coming back so fast, way faster than I had expected. But on the other hand. The drought was also so much faster there than I had expected. Because in Febuary there were still multiple alerts for high tides in the rivers here. Everything was so wet, it felt like a swamp.


And only a couple of weeks later the drought situation was there all of a sudden. And yes it has rained a bit after that, but the upcoming week again it will be totally dry. The landscaping group was already warning not to take any water out of the rivers anymore to moisten the land or feed the animals from, that is how the situation already is.

2020 will surely be one of the most dry years recorded here in Holland. The question is more, how much will it effect the landscaping and with that the safety of it. Or will Australian fires be the example of what might happen.

Maybe the Aussies can also tell us how that land already looks like now? My guess is that the trees are still gone, but the grass is also already coming back. Nature...Don't mess with it!


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