Country: Venezuela, Name : Angel falls

in nature •  last year

Salto angel is located in the Guayana region, the water comes from a free fall of 972 meters high which makes it the highest waterfall in the world even higher than the Niagara Falls is 17 times higher than these.

The explorer who discovered this natural beauty was Jimmy Angel, an aviator pilot from Missouri, United States, while he was searching for the legendary river of gold or the golden city as many know it. In 1937 this pilot had to make an emergency landing on the Tepuy, the plane stayed there for 33 years until an airplane of the Venezuelan National Guard found it and restored it in honor of this noble pilot, this pilot was lost along with his wife and his friend Gustavo Enrique Jardinero for 11 days in the jungle, until he found civilization through a plane he drew and which is currently located in the Museum of Aviation in Maracay.

It is a splendid place to visit, full of a calm and hugging tranquility from which you do not want to escape.


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