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Harvest season is coming to an end here in Alberta. We have a couple of weeks left. After that, fields will become unrecognizable patches of brown, ready to rest until spring.

A friend of mine brought me some carrots and tomatoes from his wife's backyard garden. He was not too happy with the size of their veggies and complained that he was expecting them to be bigger. He came to the conclusion that next year he won't grow carrots any more.

Aug 4.JPG

We often expect our results to be better than they are because we are used to seeing perfect images wherever we turn. That goes for gardening, work, relationships, and any other aspect of life. So much so that many people give up and say "I suck at this!"

The same is posting on Hive. We write, take photos, try to be creative and consistent, and it is not a guaranteed success.

So no matter how your harvesting season may look like on Hive, don't give up and keep on contributing. Have a great day!

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