Bear Mountain

in nature •  last year

It's been over fifteen years since moving from New York to Ohio. But on every visit to NY I make sure to stop at Bear Mountain State Park. It's one of the most amazing natural places to visit when you are in NY.

I know New York is famous for it's buildings, but the surreal natural scenic wonders an hour or so away from New York city get ignored most of the time.

If you ever visit New York, make sure to visit Bear Mountain, the seven lakes, and other natural and historical locations present around the state.

I have chosen a few images from google for Bear Mountain, I am not that good at taking amazing pictures like these. We are in the summer season where everything is green and blue, but in the fall, Bear mountain wears an amazing dress of beautiful colours.

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Superb, pristine nature. What kind of camera are you using?
It captures the details of the water very well :)


I know I replied to you, but my comment disappeared. Is this an issue right now?
did you see my previous comment?


Yes @claritypavilion, I would also love to know which camera was used for these shots! they are amazing!!

It looks like one of the landscape paintings by an artist of a imaginary place that looks like a perfect spot for vacation. very good picture even if it is from google search still outstanding views. I hope to travel to NY and check out the stop at Bear Mountain State Park

Bear Mountain looks absolutely beautiful.
The reflection on the water looks so alluring.
Great Shots!

Looks like a beautiful place, especially as the leaves turn color.

Wow, first day on the site and I run into a post that rehashed so many memories! I used to live in NY and the wife and I loved to go Cycling at this park. Such a beautiful place to ride your bike, not for the novice though, the hills there can be TOUGH!! thanks for the memories! miss this place.


Definitely not for the seeing this post makes me want to go back there today.

Did you happen to walk the stone staircase built into the mountain? By the end of that hike i was sweating my ass off


Actually we never hiked the park, we just rode endless miles there and wife did a couple Triathlons there. I never raced that course to hard for me hahaha, but i did enjoy watching ppl try to fly up the hills. =) The look on their faces was priceless!


Man my first car a Toyota used to struggle up those hills lol, you must have legs of steel to bike up those roads.
Rockland county has a few places worth visiting, I am glad I lived in the area.


Trust me, i was Hurting just like your Toyota! But i had a couple friends that would ride next to me (the climb was nothing to them) talking their ass off, i had to tell one of them to F off one time because i thought i was going to die. LOL

Those are nice pics. I love the outdoors.
ny is nice during warm months.

Holy moly! Are these colours real? They look otherwordly. My cam could never capture the quality of these pictures.

That seems like a very peaceful-for-the-soul kind of place.

a beautiful place
We can feel the coolness of nature
Colorful leaves that make the heart so peacefull
There is clear water
Can feel the natural energy
I am very glad that you have shared your experience of a beautiful place
I really want to visit that place
thank you

Even more beautiful than I remember from my childhood days! As a Puerto Rican kid growing up in Spanish Harlem, Bear Mountain and The 7 Lakes were the place to go. Later in life, it became a thing to go hang out in City Island. At least for my siblings. 3 gone now.Still 4 of us left. Memories are almost all I have left. Thanks for sharing.

Bear mountain is such a great place, i did not heard it before. the pictures you have posted are really amazing i can just imagine how much fun it would be there to be in Bear mountain. Very beautiful pictures with random colors of tree, awesome man awesome.

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I went here as a kid on a class trip! i rememebr all of us being afraid because we thought we would be attacked by bears haha, such good memories

its always nice to get out of NYC for a bit and experience some nature... you know, outside of central park

My kind of place and even though you got them off google, great photos - are the reds really that vivid?!

I would love to visit bear mountain but i would be going with you since you are a bear mountain person. I would love to also visit newyork someday when i'm opportuned to leave AFRICA

@joseph: What a lovely place, looks like complete rainbow paintings. Completely loved it, as well lovely and amazing shots.

I live nearby always say I want to go, but never do. With these pictures, its a must do before summer is gone. Great post and pictures!

Beautiful pictures. Love the colour. Thanks fro sharing.

The pictures are very nice and it represent nature. Nice one.

Hey awesome pics, what kind of camera are you using, and what settings did you have if did ise a camera

Hi My name also joseph lol

Great pictures , its amazing thank you for this superb pictures


How amazing !

It seems a fabulous place! Yeah I thought NY is all about Buildings., skyscrapers and businesses and lost the beauty of the nature but seems not...

Thanks for the info and the lovely pics ...

Very beautiful indeed! I live in Central PA and we have some pristine nature like your pictures. There is nothing better than a quite walkabout in the woods! The world would be a less hostile place if everyone hiked once a week :)

Great Post
Thank you.

They are fantastic pictures mate great colours thank you. Cheers mike

Wow! So colourful trees. Loved it. Especially, thereflection of the trees are so awesome. You have a great photography skill :)

those colours are insane man!

Helluva place to canoe! Looks seriously relaxing

Definitely a beautiful place with magical colours and scenery

very dope shots my man!

Very nice photo @joseph and indeed a place so beautiful and peaceful

Wow .. the colours are amazing - beautiful photography!

I live in New York, and Bear Mountain is amazing!

Wow! Really beautiful pics. Love the first very much😊 upvoted. Thx for sharing

Aaaaah, beautifulll man!

What a beauty! I wish I could see it with my own eyes!

Great pics. Reminds me of Vermont.

Wow,I see really warm color here,good shots.

Wow I know that New york is famous for tall building , but It;s natural place is wonderful too...

very bright colours!

I'm jealous.. Absolutely great shots you've got a hold of! Bear Mountain is worth the trip.

Que buenas fotos, cuanto color, precioso el sitio

Now I miss the East Coast. A little.

How absolutely gorgeous is that!?


Great view and great story behind it! :) kudos! Cant wait for the next projects. :)

Haha at first I read "Beer Mountain".. So I checked through the post with that mentality xD And then I realized it actually said "Bear Mountain" :P

Awesome pictures! Talk later :)

Roughly how long of an exposure were those first two shots? They're all beautiful and the water is glassy smooth.

A very good pics of Bear Mountain, my first time of hearing about it.Lokks beautiful , thanks for sharing

Amazing Colors. Nice and thanks for sharing.

These are so clear and bright, love it! Love the contrast in colors and of course the place is beautiful! Great job Joesph

Already added this amazing place to my ''places to go list''.
Great post!

Really beautiful @joseph.
Thanks for uploading those awesome pics :)

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Beautiful photos, our family would travel from New Jersey to Michigan every summer to see our cousins back in the 60s and on the way back one year we went through Canada to Niagara Falls and then on to the Catskills of New York and it was a beautiful trip.

So Beautiful!

Wow! I have been living in Dubai and one of the things I miss the most is seasons. Dont get me wrong, Dubai has some beautiful deserts. But the colors of the leaves are breath taking!

Very nice pictures ... Resteemed

Omg, gorgeous! My mom keeps telling me she wants to take me to NY so I will put this on our sightseeing list.

Its looking like heaven, this really really beautiful,thanks for share @joseph

It looks like a STUNNING place to visit in fall! Such a variety of colours!

I've never been to New York, but I'll be sure to stop by this park when I do make it to that part of the world.

can you tell me what's the camera and lens you used?

Wow, the vibrancy of the colors are STUNNING! Thanks so much for sharing!

Hy @joseph. I like the photo you share because it is very nice. I have followed you please follow me back @muchtarudin

Maybe one day can visit this place..★★★★

Nature's beauty is just expressly unique.....

Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

I was at bear-mountain last Summer absolutely lovely over there! Upvoted

Good photo taking

@joseph, you picked amazing images to share. I want to float in that canoe

Beautiful! New York is usually a very busy city, it's nice to have a place to get some peace and quiet.

this post is great thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Wow, these are the best pictures ive seen in a while. I'm from bear mountain area, and this makes me home sick :(

Amazing hikes! You're making me want to go back...

Really nice places, I think if I go there, then the rest will be unique and memorable

The park includes Bear Mountain as well as Dunderberg Mountain and West Mountain.

That a beautiful park cant believe it that close to new york.

You've just changed the world to me , man !) to visit NY is one of my dreams , but I never thought that i can find something like that there! Thanks for the info and such a beautiful pics !

Thank you for shinning a light on a hidden treasure in NY. I must put it on my list of places to see as it looks absolutely gorgeous. :)

Lovely place. Who could resist the temptation to pass up such splendor? 🐓🐓

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Follow me and I follow back

Whoa, these are some beautiful photos!

My goodness! I thought the title read BEER Mountain :'-D and my 1st thought was "where is this, I must go!" Haha. Beautiful place - regardless of there being no beer!

Im a huge boxing nut is this the same place as Big Bear Mountain where boxers always complain about being away from the family?

wow... superb

Upstate NY and the Adirondacks in particular are very underrated for their natural beauty and magnificence.

"Adirondack Park is the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous U.S., covering six million acres in northern New York—bigger than Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Canyon, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Parks combined."

I have taken several trips to the area, incredible beauty.


Wow! What colors! :)

So colourful! I want to visit there some time. I have to travel Canada this year since it is our 150 anniversary so all the national parks are FREE! It is amazing. USA for next year :)

I never thought new york would have this kind of natural tapestry to offer, great post

heaven would be similar to this . Nice post follow @kingjan

Beautiful colors!